Moment’s Notice
Pat Klobas – double bass & electric bass
Tommy Kesecker – vibraphone & marimba
David Rokeach – drum set & cowbell
Terrence Brewer – electric guitar
Produced & arranged by Pat Klobas & Tommy Kesecker

‘Moments Notice’ covers a wide spectrum of jazz music designed to please the ear of post bop audiences.  With compositions as diverse as The Saga of Harrison Crab Feathers in waltz time from the Steve Kuhn library to Klobas’s piece Z-Magic based on the whole tone scale, the K/K Ensemble delivers a unified sound with effortless mastery.  The opener, Tommy Kesecker’s ‘5 Scapes’, strikes a funky yet smooth almost ECM flavor to the composition which is in 5/4 meter.  With the addition of bay area phenom Terrence Brewer on guitar and the talented David Rokeach on drums, the timbre of textures seems unlimited and is applied with artistic savvy.  The recordings’ title cut ‘Moment’s Notice’ featuring Kesecker on vibes, is done with a new and distinct K/K Ensemble arrangement that cuts across jazz and Brazilian parameters.   Kesecker’s vibes, Brewer’s guitar, Klobas’s acoustic bass and Rokeach’s drums are truly an ensemble that stands out as an original and evocative sound.
No Gravity
Pat Klobas – bass & rainstick
Tommy Kesecker – vibraphone, marimba, gong
Gene Berkert – woodwinds
David Rokeach – drums
Zakir Hussain – tablas
Produced by Pat Klobas & Tommy Kesecker

“The feeling of freedom, of not being pulled.”
– KKEnsemble

“This self-produced release exemplifies the healthy state of independent jazz.  One of the most interesting and enjoyable recordings to cross this desk in some time”
– Mark E. Gallo-Jazz Review

“Broad in it’s scope, the wide spectrum of material here is executed with great craft and artistic consideration by all of these fine musicians.  Highly recommended.”
– Joe Locke- vibraphonist

“The solo’s presented here are superb.  I highly suggest the cd to listeners of all genres of music.”
– Richard Davis-jazz bassist

“Any time an album features more original songs than covers is a good time.  When the originals are free-spirited, unbound by time or other restraints, so much the better.  Add to these a few covers that have something fresh and invigorating about them, and you’ve got an excellent album.  ‘No Gravity’ scores on all fronts.
– Woodrow Wilkins-All About Jazz